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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Don’t need my mouth, nor my eyes, nor my hands, what I need is a heart!

There are treasures in dreams!

Have you thought why we often do not reach our goals? I was meditating on this.  And you know?  In my experience with life and with cerebral palsy.  Whenever I wanted something or I had a goal, God has granted it to me.  From the age of 19, it took me 8 years to get my degree as an accountant, took me 10 years to find my beautiful wife, and 11 years to see my first son (a dream that I really desired).  I don't know how long it is going to take to get to my current dream; however, what I do know is, I am going to reach it.  I have faith in God above all and also I have faith in my abilities and talents.  The time that you take to reach it isn’t important, important is that you never lose hope.  Be not dismayed even though you may feel that you cannot advance more...Be not dismayed even though you see that the journey to arrive has complicated itself more than you expected. Wake up each day and take that day as another opportunity to do something to bring you closer to your dreams. Nothing can stop you, the only thing that can stop you, is you.  Put your fears and worries to the side and take steps into the unknown territory.  If you fall or get hurt, get up and keep going because that is the right path. If your dream has a "why?" and that "why?"  makes you cry, nothing will stop you.  Dream big!  There are treasures in dreams.  Remember, any dream, idea, or thought we have, was given to us by God and he already knew before that dream was given to us, we had the ability to make it reality.  He does not play games with his children, he does not give you a dream for you to fail your whole life.  He already knew that you can do it.  It is when you do not fail and cry that you are in danger of not achieving something in your life.  Forget of what you don't have, take what you have and use it to your advantage.  Life has taught me, no matter who you are, young or old, rich or poor, everyone has dreams and all face obstacles, and all have the decision on how to deal with them.  When I realized that I had cerebral palsy and that it would limit certain aspects of my abilities, I saw a significant decision that I had to face and continued to make that decision daily. Do I not believe in myself, become indifferent, and lose hope of living a life with a sense or do I dare to dream that one day, though the journey is full of obstacles, my abilities overcome my disabilities. In the same way, every one of you, or are you standing in doubt, submitted to your own fears or embrace all that life has to offer. No matter your circumstances, always loves life. Let us let be free of our doubts and fears, by putting our worries in God's hands.  If you don't have a mouth to speak, hands, feet, or a physical defect, you don’t need it, you need a willing heart ignited with fire.

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