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Monday, July 29, 2013

Your desire to win and to be inspired.

Amazing thought I received from beloved friend, brother, Gustavo.  I need to share to with you too.

[YOUR NAME] is a visionary with a relentless pursuit of his Dream to be one of the Greats of All time.  He possesses a profound burning desire to Win and he will not stop because it is his God given destiny to Change this world and his heart, mind, body and soul are all aligned to fulfill his Master's orders to be The Best.  Be happy, peace-filled, and inspired every minute possible my brother.  Enjoy the ride of your amazing life.   

What has always inspired me is my parents, my brother, my sisters, my children, my wife, friends and family. For always being there for me and believing in my abilities. We all, in some way, have something special in us to inspire others. Lets not forget to love life always no matter your circumstances. It's sad to see how many of us today are chained by all this technology, media and social networking that we forget that there is more to life. Enjoy your family, your children, take a walk to the park, take a ride, go to the lake, whatever you like to do. Be inspired! Yes, not denying that a social network could help to share inspiring stories, great family moments, or be in contact with a distant family or friend. But it is utterly hollow at its core. Virtual poking is nothing when compared to a real touch; a phone call is so much better than a click. It may make us feel content and ”up to date” after a few clicks and comments, but that is mere deception. Be courageous and live life! 

50 miles route

Yesterday, I did my first 50 miles ride to Huntington Beach with Team PossAbilities.  I knew it would not be easy and many people response, when I talked about it, was "50 mile! that is a lot".   Any great challenge always seem to be too great or impossible.  But, when you have that burning desire and you are inspired, impossibility changes to PossAbility. We posses the ability.  Let's live without limits so we can inspire others.
Team PossAbiities.  Amazing group of inspired men.

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